First blog post

How’s it going sql peeps?

This is a blog inspired from Kendra Little’s wonderful blogpost ( sql server anti-patterns and how an inexperienced sql enthusiast can forge themselves into an ad-hoc slinging performance tuner by writing bad sql and improving it.  Part if this process involves starting a blog, hence the blog you see now.  I do not posses her artistic talent or competence in sql but well, uh, this experience with sql seeks to rectify one of those two problems.

With each one of these posts (excluding this one) I intend to pick apart a blog post or piece of sql literature that communicates either a bad sql habit or a sql anti-pattern.  I will then write sql that exemplifies these “sql sins” and then make an attempt to improve this faulty sql.

I will be using a virtual machine using windows 10, sql server 2016, 8 gigs of ram and a 2.00ghz processor.  VERY modest specs for a server, but I believe it will suite my purposes fine.

This blog is admittedly predominately for my benefit, but I hope at least one person can alongside me through this process.  Just to be explicit I will be working in sql server as opposed to oracle.  I intend on learning oracle at some point in the future but my current position has me using sql server.

Did I say current position?  Yeeeah I do not intend on using this experience as a way to net a tuning job, but instead to further my ability to accurately tune sql queries.  The thing is, I’m currently a Jr. production DBA that objectively sucks at my job.  Nothing wrong with being a newbie, but to be perfectly candid it sucks to suck.


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